Keep your Brand and Business in People’s Mind: Use Great Signage

A customized signage from a Sign Company is an extension of your business and its brand. There is a lot to factor in when deciding on a customized signage for any business. You must take into account the design, what materials to use, lighting, installation, dimensions and more because after all, you must do it right and do it well. Here are some of the areas you must think about to help make your signage effective and avoid common signage mistakes.

Less is More

A customized sign from Precision Sign and Graphics may seem like a great opportunity to tell the world everything about your business, but it’s not really the best use for your space. You must ask yourself what you want this signage to achieve and realistically how long you expect to hold the attention of your audience. Filling every inch of space with detailed information is a sure fire way to stop potential customers giving your sign a second glance.

An effective signage from a great Custom Sign Company makes use of the negative space or white space around typography and graphics to help lead the viewer’s eye around a design. In this case, less is definitely more. This will render your sign classier and simpler, so think carefully about what you really want to say and the location in which you are saying it.

Mind the Price

Buying anything that will not leave a dent in your bank account is a great deal, but as the old adage goes, you get what you pay for. Quality design will stand the test of time and add prestige to your business. Quality materials and workmanship cost a tad bit more because generally, they equate to a longer lifespan and nicer looking end product.

Keep Your Brand in Mind

Sign Company Customized signage for your business should be keeping up with your existing brand. Throwing any old font and clip art on to a new piece of signage can be cheap looking and at worst damaging to your business. Consistent, clear branding on all of your signage and business assets shouts quality and care.

Take time to supply high-quality logos and assets when creating your signage order. The final product is only going to be as good as the quality of the assets used to create it. Don’t be deceived with an image copied from the internet that might look good on your phone, but when blown up 30 times the size and placed on the side of your van, it’s going to look like a pixelated nightmare.


You can never underestimate the significance of quality lighting. A well-though signage will come to life when provided with proper lighting. Lighting will help your signage stand out more from the crowd. You have numerous options to choose from that will fit your budget. During a gloomy midwinter’s day, you will see, a lighting will be the huge difference in calling the attention of passersby.